Friday, November 2, 2012

Knit Collar

"They want what for that?!  I can make it myself."

It's those famous last words that knitters, sewers, crafters and general do-it-yourself-ers have uttered time and time again.  And that is exactly how this project came about.  A couple of weeks ago, I found myself in a chichi boutique looking at overpriced clothing.  I found a knitted collar that was simple in design and easy to knit.  I tried it on, noted all the construction details, the size, the weight of yarn and promptly put it back.  Next stop, the yarn shop.  

I purchased a ball of Amazing by Lion Brand Yarn in the Violets color and worked this up on size 6 needles.  Lately I've been adding bits of purple to my closet.  Don't ask me why.  I do not own a single stitch of purple clothing, in any shade, but for some reason, it's calling to me.  You know the saying, "You don't get old.  You just get more purple."  Apparently I'm there.

So this I what I knitted up.  A short wrap-around collar that criss-crosses in the front.  I've worn in under a blazer.  It's perfect for keeping the chill off my neck, but doesn't get in the way like a traditional long scarf.  I love the aesthetics of cowls, shawls and ponchos, but I hate fussing over my clothes all day.  I like things to be streamlined and stay put.  Well, except my skirts; there, the bigger, the better.

I did this using only the knit stitch.  Starting at one point, I increased to get the spade on the end, decreased to the narrow section, and increased again for the wider neck portion.  Then I tried to make the other end match because (of course) I didn't keep any notes.


On the underside I stitched on a small length of ribbon.  To close at the neck, one spade slips through the ribbon.  A buttonhole could be worked into the knitting here, or a snap could be sewn on as well.  

Then I crocheted a flower and added that to the end with the ribbon loop.  And of course an orphan button to finish off the flower. 

And if I get too hot, it easily folds down.  So what's the verdict?  I like it.  Fast project and easy to wear.  So if you're like me and struggle with the Buy It or Make It dilemma, take heart.  Some things really are worth making yourself!


  1. Oh if only I could knit more than the traditional shawl or scarf! Maybe, just maybe, I can figure this out! It's darling.

  2. My mom and I used to do that all the time. Look at something and go "Yeah, we can make that". Good for you! I think it's lovely.

  3. my mom knit three of them for me last winter :-)
    somewhere in the internet it was called "miss marple scarf".

  4. Very cute! It looks like maybe it could double as a head wrap too???

  5. My grandmother always made us scarves like these when we were younger (minus the flower - too many boys - lol). Trevor still wears the last scarf she made. So my question to you is, when do you start taking orders? I would love a blast from my past that I would wear proudly as a tribute to my grandmother and the love for my neighbor.

  6. That scarf turned out great! I love it when a "I can make this" moment comes to life.

  7. I do that all the time -- I have a friend who BUYS little crocheted flowers for her hair, frequently, actually. And they're so cheap! They're sport weight acrylic using a fairly large hook. I made her much cuter glittery gold ones using sock weight and a steel hook. I can't imagine why someone would want to wear something that LOOKS like it took 5 minutes to make.

  8. I say that all the time but never seem to get around to doing it. I even take pictures with my phone of the item I want to copy,mostly quilts. I really need to get some off my phone and into my home. Your collar is really beautiful. It looks like it came from a expensive shop.


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