Sunday, June 8, 2014

Retro Restyle: This tater sack's a humdinger!

Over a year ago I made up my mind to make something out of burlap.  There are so many fabulous potato sacks out there with catchy slogans and vintage graphics, and they all can't be made into tote bags.  At first I was thinking corset or vest, paired with gingham perhaps, but this particular sack wouldn't lend itself to cutting.

what I started with
what I ended up with

Thursday, May 15, 2014

And we christened him, Melvin

Oh my!  It's been nearly a week already since Melvin was born, and I totally forgot to post pics! I did get these up on my facebook page because we all know that nothing happens until you post it on fb (sad commentary on our world today).  But then I selfishly skipped my way back out to the barn and plopped down in the hay to spend hours enjoying this little guy.  

Monday, May 5, 2014

the Spring Thaw

We live alongside a small creek, and every Spring I marvel at the amount of water that flows past our house.  Back in April the water was rising faster and higher than we've ever seen it.  While the sheep tiptoed back towards the barn, the geese were in Heaven!  We crossed our fingers that the fence line wouldn't float away.


Oh, what the difference one month can make.  Today, the water is back within its banks, and the sheep are grateful for the return of their pasture, though soggy it may be.  I'm just glad the grey days are finally being replaced by sunnier ones. 

And while it's still a bit too waterlogged to be digging in the garden, the promise of budding flowers keeps me heading outside every day.  Well, that and the prospect of more lambs!  Happy Spring!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Derby Jr is born

We had our first lamb on Sunday!  Typical scenario for our farm...go out to do chores and there's one extra mouth to feed.  This is Flopsy's first year as a mother, and she did splendidly.  I was not expecting lambs this early, but I should have known; first-time mothers tend to deliver sooner rather than later.  We promptly moved the pair indoors as we're in the middle of a week-long rainstorm (not to mention 45 degree temps and a steady wind).  Mama and baby are doing just fine.

Little Lamb is a spitting image of his daddy, Derby.  Sadly Derby passed away this winter from natural causes.  He was truly the gentlest ram I've ever seen, and he shed his wool each Spring.  He would stand quietly for me while I pulled handful after handful from his back and belly, the most beautiful chocolate brown wool.  I wonder if Junior here will be the same.

Now that Spring has sprung, so to speak, I'm anxiously trotting out to the barn several times a day to check our other ewe, another first-timer.  More lamby photos to come!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Our Easter Tribble

While this Easter season finds most families searching out fuzzy, yellow chicks or long-eared rabbits, we've opted for a tribble.* 

Serious discussion regarding new animals to our Homestead began several months ago.  My daughter has been championing for a horse for the past six years, but my son would prefer a squirrel.  My husband, Hank, tends to lean towards the more exotic fish and reptiles.  I have always maintained furry and cuddly as my highest priorities (and yes, sheep qualify).   So imagine my surprise when Hank walked through the door last night with this little guy, quietly nestled in the crook of his arm.  "I went to the pet store looking for a beta!" were the first words out of his mouth.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Retro Restyle: Felix and Val's

This past winter I scored a fabulous wool club jacket at an estate sale.  It was dirty and moth-eaten and my husband couldn't believe I actual put it on to take these photos, but the embroidery on the back was too cool!  Felix and Val!  Well, that's almost as slick sounding as Lenny and Squiggy! 

Hoffman Construction Co.
On the front of the jacket was a large patch advertising the Hoffman Construction Company.  After a little online research, I found that they were started before the turn of the century and based in Appleton, Wisconsin.  So why was Wausau listed on the patch as well?  Did Felix and Val own a local branch office of Hoffman's?  Like a lumberyard?  I immediately sent an email off to the company to find out.  

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Spring means dirt!

Well, guess what happens when one - just one - temperate day comes to Wisconsin?  One measly day above average, lost is a season of sustained twenty degrees below average?  You guessed it.  Spring Fever.  We finally hit 40 degrees yesterday, and the first thought in my mind was of that wilting houseplant languishing in the dark stairwell.  I whisked it away, presented it to the clear, sunny out-of-doors and proceeded to dig in the dirt.