Monday, March 16, 2015

Quick before the snow melts

It seems that Winter in Wisconsin is finally on the wane which, honestly, couldn't have been better timing for this sewing project: a fur-trimmed vest.  It's warm enough for cooler temperatures, but would be bulky and uncomfortable to layer under a coat.  Here's the story...

A few months ago I had purchased a 1960s wool cloth coat primarily for this mink collar.  I removed the collar, cut off the buttons, and gave the coat to the barn cats for extra warmth on these long Winter nights.  Trust me, the coat was not awesome (and the cats made good use of it).  In the meantime, I found a remnant of cotton upholstery at the thrift store, and this sewing project started to take shape.  The print on the upholstery was a country foxhunt scene, complete with horses and dogs and lots of tally ho.  I immediately envisioned a classic vest, but to jazz it up a bit, I trimmed around the low neckline with the vintage mink. 

English hunting scene...
...perhaps I need a pair of jodhpurs?

I've used this vest pattern twice before in making a Victorian Halloween jacket and again for an underbust wool vest.  This time I cut the neckline to ride just across the bustline and lengthened it thru the body.  The fur collar worked out perfectly for the trim, and I had just enough left over to cover three buttons.  And I'm happy to say that my second attempt at bound buttonholes was a success!

So let's hear it for a completed sewing project that, in reality, looks as good as it did in my head!  And a few more cheers for the sunny Spring days that have appeared since I took these photos (the snow is gone now!).  And why not throw in an extra, hearty hip-hip-hooray just because I like to end on an up note?!

May all your sewing be fabulous, and your snow be melted!


  1. What a great vest! I love the use of the vintage mink, really makes the piece stand out.

  2. Awesome. By the way, I went on the Shop Hop and saw your cool items in PoySippi. My friend fit into a vintage wool Merrill Wollen jacket - she bought it!

    1. How neat! Thanks for making the trip. There were sooo many shops on that Hop! I know which jacket you mentioned; I love my plaid 49ers!

  3. You made fur covered buttons??? How is such a thing even possible? Didn't all the fur get stuck in the metal doohickey on the bottom? They look fabulous.

    1. This was my husband's ingenuity! He cut the circle to cover the button and then trimmed away the fur about a 1/4" around the outside edge of the circle. That eliminated the bulk when it was wrapped and pressed down by the back doohickey.

  4. i´m green with envy!!!!!
    absolutely fabulous waistcoat!!!!! making gold from s**t - eh :-)
    spring is here too - although the nights are still freezing..... wish you and your family a wonderful springtime!!! xxxx


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