Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Surprise! Lambing has begun!

So after touting all the great things about my rams, I have to admit that (really) lambs are so much better!  This is what happened Sunday night when we weren't even looking!

Yesterday I went to do chores as usual and calmly walking amongst the "giants" was a black lamb.  At first I thought it was our barn cat, but cats and sheep aren't typically co-habitators.  I raced back down from the hayloft . . .

 . . . mom and baby were dry, on their feet, and looking for the next meal.  This is Mother Nature at her best!  (Not to mention Darwin's theory in action.)  Shetland sheep are considered a primitve breed, genetically close to their ancestors from centuries ago.  They are very hardy and excellent mothers.  Instincts kick in immediately, even for first time mothers, such as CoCo. 

I feel like the worst shepherdess ever, but we weren't expecting lambs for at least another three weeks.  Four ewes were put in with the ram around Thanksgiving and taken out after New Year's (they like to celebrate the holidays together).  Gestation is five months, typically giving us lambs in May.  Evidently CoCo was primed and ready!

CoCo and her lamb are currently in the barn, under a heat light and enjoying the solitude.  They'll stay inside for 3-4 days for several reasons:  they will bond to each other; the lamb will nurse better; CoCo will become adjusted to motherhood; and I can make sure they are both healthy.

And of course, I can visit the new mother as often as possible to babysit! 


  1. Hahaha And here I wasn't planning on visiting for at least another month! :-D

  2. Now I really want to come and see the lambs. Too cute!


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