Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Indian Summer

It's the first week in November.  I'm hanging laundry on the line, and the kids are outside in their shirtsleeves. 

Hello, Indian Summer.  

This has been a mild Fall here in Wisconsin, and I can't imagine that we'll see many more days that reach the 70s until next June so we are making the most of this week.  And Little Rancher is enjoying some sunny pasture-time with Misty. 

It's beginning to sound redundant, but Hank and I are so pleased with the Little Rancher.  Having recently celebrated the one year anniversary that Misty came to our farm, our Rancher continues to impress with her dedication to the chores and compassion for the horse. 

Misty, herself, continues to improve and is growing in a gorgeous chestnut-colored, curly coat for Winter.  Last year her coat left something to be desired so we think we're finally on the right track. 

It happens every year.  At some point before the snow flies, usually during that gift that is Indian Summer, ranchers and shepherds alike pause to reflect on the changing seasons.  It's always a rush to prepare for Winter.  We drive down the last fence posts before the ground freezes; we roll up the garden hoses, knowing that we'll be hauling water buckets in the coming months; we stack hay near the pens; station pitchforks at the ready; double check the supply of heat lamps. 

But one day, amidst this bustle, when we finally register the warm sun on our faces, we suddenly remember to slow our pace and simply enjoy being.  Being in the sunshine.  Being in the pasture.  Being with the animals, at the close of the day, knowing that these minutes will not be repeated until next Spring.  This is the time to look back and give thanks.  Thanks for all we have accomplished in the previous months, knowing that we've pulled our weight, done right by our animals, and are prepared for what lies ahead.

This is the final, deep breath of Fall.


  1. They both look beautiful! And the weather has been beautiful too.

  2. for me you can say it in every post - that your little rancher is one of the best! :-) she deserves it!
    and look how fab the horse looks in comparison to last year! misty is a very lucky pony!
    we had this gorgeous sunny november start too - today its very foggy but very mild.....


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