Sunday, May 22, 2011

Vintage Dinnerware

And so another very rewarding trip to my local thrift resulted in two large boxes of dinnerware making their way onto my dining room table.  Eighty-five pieces to be exact.  Twelve place settings.  Seven pieces per setting.  Plus two platters, a serving bowl, covered casserole, creamer and sugar.


After a little online research, I can say that these are made by the Paden City Pottery Company in the mid-1940s.  The company was founded in Paden City, WV, by a Frenchman in the early 1900s.  They produced several lines through 1963 when they were forced to close because they could not compete with all the huge influx of Japanese china.  This pattern is called Duchess.  Delicate pink, blue and yellow flowers on an ivory ceramic with gilded edging.

Now suffice it to say that I need another set of dishes like I need another hole in my head, but this just couldn't be passed up!  Which is pretty much the spiel I give myself every time I go into that shop.  LOL

Luckily the day these beauties came home, my husband was working late.  That gave me some extra time to wash, dry and stack these ever so prettily in the china cabinet before any line of questioning began.  After all, we technically don't have any good china......before today that is.

I do have a gorgeous set of sterling, but I'll have to tell you the story on that one another day (great story!).  And this will work perfectly with that silver.  Each place setting has a dinner plate, square luncheon plate, cake plate, small sauce dish, large shallow soup bowl, cup and saucer.  Now I really have a thing for huge dinner settings.  And if this had come with individual salts, bone plates and knife rests, I'd be in cardiac arrest right about now.  One day I'll host a dinner with all those pieces.  Plus a slew of stemware!!

So if any of you lovely women should happen to come across a teapot to match this set, please let me know! Not sure that there actually ever was one, but a girl can dream!  And while I'm dreaming about my grand dinner party, I may just host a cozy tea party for my daughter and me.  And of course her babydoll, Bluebell, and her purple Princess Bear.  So why not break out your good china and make every day a tea party!

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  1. I love the china it's so pretty! Not to mention that it's from a great era too.

  2. Try, they might have something. :)

  3. That is a gorgeous set! I'm green with envy. Enjoy those every chance you get!!

  4. What a gorgeous set of china, congrats it is so nice to have something beautiful isn't it?

  5. It is nice to have an official set of good china! Not I just have to make sure that I don't SAVE them for special. The real fun is in the using!

  6. Just goes to show tha tyou never what you'll find at the local thrift store. This is such a find though and awesome that you were able to get the history of what complany made it and when. How exciting!

  7. You need to check this site out: They have replacement pieces for the Duchess line including a gravy boat that I don't see in your picture above.

    Good luck! Beautiful set!

  8. my mother had this same set of china and I was able to keep a few pieces. I smile everytime I look at them!!


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