Monday, June 20, 2011

1939 Electrolux

Q:  What's the quickest way to a girl's heart?  
A:  Bring her a trunkload of rusty vacuum cleaners!!  

On his last rummaging expedition, my husband returned triumphantly with (count 'em) three Electrolux vacs, a cannister shop vac and my newest Sunbeam mixer.  While I instantly fell in love with the Sunbeam, I have to admit that the rusty, dusty vacs did not impress me much.  But after a bit of TLC, look what has taken up permanent residence in my cleaning closet!

It seems that this is a 1939 Electrolux Model XXX which sold for $65.  It has a hepa air filter in one end (where the cord attaches) and a removeable, canvas dust bag in the other end (where the hose inserts).  Although it didn't come to us with a cord, that was quickly remedied with an old waffle iron cord.  There is a reason my husband never throws anything away!

It is so much quieter than any modern vac I've ever had.  I had to try it out.  Of course I do need to find the extension and floor attachments.  Originally it came with an upolstery cleaner, dusting brush and crevice attachment, too.  But with the amount of cobwebs that seem to accummulate in my farmhouse, this could be just the thing!

It does seem to have a good amount of suction, too!

Okay so next time I won't try to do the housework in my crinoline.  ;)  

But once again, the credit goes to my husband.  He certainly has a way with old, crusty pieces of machinery, no matter the size or shape.   He took this 72 year old Electrolux apart, dusted it out, hit it with a smear of Turtle Wax chrome polish, and she's good as new!  I had my doubts (serious ones) when that tailgate dropped open on the first reveal of this old girl, but my husband can see the use in everything.  And remember I mentioned that there were three of these?  It seems the other two are destined to become a jet pack.  Oh yes, my husband finds a use for everything.

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  1. Love to read your blog! Found you thru Amy's Barn Hop. Enjoy your beautiful new vacuum and if that jet pack ever comes to fruition please post.

  2. The vacuum looks great! I have to say I'm a little jealous :-) You look like a true model that would have been in the original ad.

  3. Thanks Girls! My husband and I were laughing the whole time we were taking these photos. And, not to disappoint, but the jet pack may not be fully functional. lol Hubby's in a steampunk phase at the moment. But, yes, I'll definitely post on that project!

  4. I would have loved the mixer too! Mom has one and I jokingly tell her all the time it came over on Noah's Ark.

  5. Wow! How cute! Looks like a fun time. My friend Teresa really likes your blog! !We were at the coffee shop with her new baby Michael.

  6. I took some time off from homesteading 'at all' today due to the heat, yuuuck! I am so glad I did, there was no way I could pass up "pin up", this was a fun post! I came over to visit from "A Beginning Homestead" and so glad I did.

  7. I have a Model XXX, and two other vintage Electrolux canisters--AE, and Olympia I great vacuums!

  8. Lovely, a beautiful woman, with a vintage vacuum, wearing a petticoat, and posing as in pin-up, thank-you.

    If I might offer, this vacuum has a woven hose that deteriorates with age. Replacing it with a modern hose will vastly increase the vacuums performance level.

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