Thursday, July 14, 2011

Shoebox Update : In Primer

So happy to say that over the past couple of months, my husband has been steadily making progress on my Ford.  All bodywork is done. Filler and patch panels ground and buffed.  Love that look of bare metal!

And so she was driven outside, taped and draped.

First coat of primer laid down pretty smoothly.

Now, admittedly, my husband has been more excited about this project than I have.  So far, that is.  I think he's better at envisioning finished projects when metal is involved (plus he wants to move her out of the shop to make way for his '52 Chevy wagon which is waiting patiently in the shadows).  I'm better at envisioning projects when they're done in fabric.  Once the exterior is painted, I'll take over to finish off the upolstery and detailing.  That's when it all comes together for me, and I can actually picture myself sitting behind the wheel.  Our deadline is a traditional hot rod show in early August, the Symco Shakedown, and I think we can make 'er...even if I have to resort to a Mexican blanket for the time being!

Gratuitous pin-up photo.  :)

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