Monday, August 1, 2011

Mission Oak Chair

I came across these photos the other day while I was trying to update the family photo album.  Even with all the new-fangled, digital, slide show possibilities that are out there, I still cling to a bound album with pages.  And yes, I like to use those little black photo corners just like Grandma did!  lol  Seems I'm only three years behind in that ole album!  Darn you digital cameras!!

So my Renaissance Man (aka. husband, Hank) took to recovering the Mission Oak chair that was passed down from his parents last winter. Unfortunately, I don't have a "before" photo.  The wood frame was still in great shape, nothing a rub down of Old English Dark couldn't fix.  But the upholstered seat, of course, was torn and sunken something fierce.  So the doghair-laden, burgundy velvet was replaced by a distressed leather, purchased at our local fix-everything shop (furniture, shoes, clocks, radios, you name it, they do it).  Hank took out the old springs and built the seat up with thick, foam rubber.

After a tedious row of upholstery tacks . . .

. . . the back of the chair was done, and the seat was covered, stapled and assembled.

Some finishing work on the bottom, and she was ready for the living room.  Now this is a chair that makes you feel like a king!  
And everyone knows that Hank is the boss, when I'm not around.  :)


  1. What a great chair. YOur lucky Hank is so handy. Good job Hank!!!

  2. The chair looks perfect. Reupholstering is something I would like to do but am intimidated to try.


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