Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Shoebox Update : Paint

We took the ole girl over to our buddy's shop where Hank squirted some color on her.  Nice to be working inside, away from the cats, the bugs, the birds, and the bits of 50 year old paint wafting down from the rafters.  I guess now that "shop upgrade" project will move up a few notches on the To Do List.

Hank drove her back home those 30 miles while I followed.  Shh, don't tell the cops that we didn't have headlights, wipers, door latches, a grill, a trunk lid or valid registration.  But Hank did install the tail lights and bolted down the front bench.

It's good to have her back home again.  Our deadline is fast approaching, and I've long since given up on the interior.  We've decided on Juicy Pink metal flake for the roof, but that may not make it either.  I'm just excited to be in it and heading down the road.

And evidently Louie is happy to have her back home again, too.  Literally, she sat in the driveway for not two hours before the cat was in it . . . and had left his mark in the still-a-little-tacky paint . . . in three places.  Gotta love life on the farm!

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