Thursday, September 22, 2011

Working 'round the homestead

So the first day of Autumn is officially tomorrow, and it is apparent that Fall has already arrived at the Homestead.  Even though the garden is starting to look rather forlorn, what with the tomato blight and froze off squash plants, I'm still looking at a table full of tomatoes.  I guess canning is on my To Do list today.  Louie has spent more time huddling these past few days which is a sure sign that the temps are falling.  Our big tough barn cats tend to huddle in the house, huddle on our bed at night, huddle for warmth about this time of year.  It's a precursor to hibernation.  I just hit the coffee pot more often.  :)

Hank needed a break from the neon office lights and conference calls.  He decided to abandon his "real" job in the big city for needed rest and relaxation in the country air.  Translation:  He's swinging a hammer all day, trying to get up that new machine shed before the snow flies.  So since my man is a stay-at-home farmer today, I thought I'd put a little twist on my stat-at-home shepherdess routine.

I tried out a different set last night.  Lovingly referred to by Hank as my "girl-hawk," I set a row of curlers straight down the middle, mohawk-style and pincurled the rest as I usually do.  Slept on it and whipped this out this morning.

Admittedly I had envisioned more of a glamorous Betty Grable updo, but this is what I got.  I tend more towards vintage styles rather than rockabilly, but seriously, I'm home canning tomatoes today . . . this should suffice.

It is a messier style than I'm used to.  And I'm pretty sure there are approximately 21 bobby pins in that nest doing absolutely nothing, hopefully the other 7 are holding on.  With any luck I won't have pins dropping into my canner . . .

And of course Bosley is loving all the commotion around the house today.  Typically his days involve lots of sleeping and chewing and waiting for the kids to come home from school.  But with Hank slicing up all those 2x4s, Bosley's finding much more interesting things to chew on. 

Here's hoping your homestead is easing into Autumn!  And remember to put a little Betty Grable in your step, even if you're just do-si-doing in the kitchen all day!


  1. I remember this up do well as it was a favorite of my moms. You need to backcomb it very heavily to get the curls to fluff up and use lots of hairspray. My mom only got her hair washed and combed once a week on Friday then recombed Monday. I loved watching her get her hair done.

  2. Looks cute! I recently cut 18" off my hair to donate to Locks of Love. I have now donated 5'4" of hair in 18 years. I can "cross" it off my "bucket list" now. I wanted to donate my height in hair. This came to me after our yougest lost her hair during Chemo. This is the first time in my life I have had hair this short. I think I will buy some curlers and try some of these vintage doos. Blessings from Ringle, WI

  3. I love this post. Your wedding photos and narrative lace together a beautiful love story. I am so happy for you and Hank and I am lifting a coffee mug in celebration of your 13 years and toasting you- another 13x6 or more. Who knows, by then they may have a cure for old age. hehe. Have a great week. I love the hairdo too.


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