Monday, June 4, 2012

Apron Challenge: June

For June I sewed up a simple apron to pay homage to the chicken.  To recognize the unsung hero of the barnyard.  To show appreciation for our feathered friends who announce the breaking of dawn and provide us with sustenance.  Everyone knows that June is Dairy Month.  Why don't we have Egg Month?  Why are chickens just an after thought?!

Plus, I was getting frustrated with collecting eggs in my shirt hem.  Okay, that was mostly the reason for this apron.

Only half the time do I remember to take the egg basket out to the coop with me.  I end up stashing eggs in any available pocket, the water bucket or (my favorite) leaving them in a "safe place," like a ledge in the barn, and totally forgetting about them.  Bosley has enjoyed more than one egg over the months.

So early this morning I tied one on and went out to do chores.  I love being outside in the cool hours before everything is awake.  Well, actually Bosley was glad to see me.  He's used to the kids catching the bus about this time each day.  And it didn't take long before the pigs started squealing.  Their pans never stay full!   The sheep got a little restless looking for grain, too.  And the barn cats...well, let's just say I love being outside in the mornings, and leave it at that.

I used some chicken fabric that I've been saving for a wall hanging.  The body of the apron is made from three gored panels with rounded bottoms. I wanted to try a scalloped  hem as that style was very popular through the '40s and '50s.  I made bias binding in the Purina red and white check to use as edging. 

The generous front pocket has two tucks on the bottom to accommodate eggs.  I had extra bias leftover, so I added the bows on either side.  This apron would be perfect if I showed chickens at the Fair or worked at the feed mill.

Maybe Feather Duster would like to take a trip to the Fair...

...or perhaps Five Toe the Pirate Chicken could hold his own.  Ah well, I'll leave these boys to strut around the barnyard.  I have laundry to get to.

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  1. Love it! My hens aren't laying yet, but I got attached to aprons while bottle feeding a goat. I needed those extra pockets! I also tucked my ball of yarn in one pocket and crocheted while I grazed them in open, unfenced pasture.

    You can't beat a cute/functional apron!

  2. so very cute, for me June is baseball banquet time

  3. Looks great, especially with the cute overalls. I'm thinkin' I need more aprons with generous pockets too. They come in handy! I promise to post pics of June apron soon!

  4. Cute apron! And your roosters are beautiful.

  5. Anything with chickens is ok by me! I love it!

    Your boys are really good looking, too!

  6. Ha, ha...agreed, you'll find me tucking eggs in pockets, shirt hem, or a pail taken out for watering. Love that apron...oh-so clever!

  7. Great idea. This would also work for a laundry apron. It would make hanging clothes so much more fun. I have started making vintage towels. I can't seem to get enough. It started with your Fan Dancer. So I am blaming you. HA HA .

    1. Guilty! Let me know when you set up your etsy shop. ;)

  8. I love the apron!! Not an apron gal myself, but you are making me want to be!! (maybe I already mentioned that) - I love your roosters, such pretty boys!!

    Have a great week!

  9. supercute! I love the pocket :)

  10. Love the apron and what a great idea for the egg pouch!!! Every time I collect eggs I forget to bring something and always make a makeshift holder out of the bottom of my short. You have inspired me to make one for myself. Thanks for sharing!


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