Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Needlecraft Kit

While at my favorite haunt (aka. local thrift store), I came across this Christmas party apron from the late 1950s.  It seemed so ironic that just a month earlier I had started my apron challenge.  The kit is complete and I toyed with the idea of actually making it, but have decided against it.

The kit includes a red and white striped apron, already gathered on the waistband.  The 'fabric' resembles glossy magazine print so I'm not very confident that it would hold up to a wash, much less an iron.  Also included is a little bunch of trims (you can never get too much rick-rack) and the 'fabric' to use for the appliqued pocket.

The pocket is a green stocking with a Santa head detail.  While I was excited to find an authentic DIY apron, this one will just be stashed away as a collectible.  Or maybe I'll collage the pieces into an art quilt wall hanging for the sewing room...not a bad idea...I'll add that to the list of Christmas projects!

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