Thursday, May 16, 2013

Steampunk Airship Pirate: Part V ~ The Finale

Today I proudly present for your viewing pleasure, (drum roll please) 
my fully-assembled Steampunk Turkish Airship Pirate!

If you're just tuning in, a short recap is in order.  This costume was commissioned by the Oshkosh Public Museum for their upcoming Steampunk exhibit.  It consists of a shirt and pants, cropped blue jacket, long tapestry vest, turban, boots and accessories.  My gorgeous model, Ashley, was willing to take off her spectacles which rendered her nearly blind and put on 3" heels which are a far cry from her comfy Chucks.  I took the following photos to show the specific layers of the costume and its versatility.  Afterall, a pirate girl's gotta have options. 

It all starts with a basic linen shirt with deep, ruffled cuffs. 

The Turkish trousers are poly satin, heavily pleated onto a waistband and gathered with elastic cuffs.

The long-line tapestry vest cuts under the bust.  It adjusts on either side with satin ribbon lacings.

The front closes with a high-waisted, single buckle.  Chains and a coin pendant accent the shoulder cap.  The vest is fully lined.

Add the linen sash to better define the waistline.


The turban is black broadcloth accented with the burgundy satin.  A chiffon face veil drapes from side to side and is secured with a pewter brooch.

Replace the vest with the cropped, silk jacket.  This piece is trimmed in black braid.  Delicately filigreed, brass buttons function for the front closure.  A button and tassel accent the cut-out on the three-quarter length sleeve.

Put it altogether with the accessories, including a single-shot pistol and short cutlass tucked into the sash.  A small brass purse hangs from the sash as well. 

Pirating has never been more glamorous.

This project was a far cry from my Doris Day dresses, but it was fun to step out of the 1950s and onto another continent.  I am starting to think maybe, just maybe, I'm not a one-trick pony.  If you had asked me last month, I would have told you that once this was finished, I was going to sew up a few 1940s blouses for the Hometown Victory Girls' Glamping Weekend, but now I'm not so sure.  I may forgo them altogether and dig out those farmpunk projects I've been mulling over.  My creative juices are flowing!

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  1. It's absolutely beautiful and you (and your husband) have such talent. Only wish I could see the exhibit in person. I've enjoyed this series tremendously!

  2. this is really gorgeous!
    you did a very good job designing and sewing this. the hollywood costumes people have to dress warm :-)

  3. Awesome! I want those pants! I'd wear them to work even though they are "pirate pants."

    1. You're the second person who wants a pair. Admittedly, they are pretty comfy. Hmm, birthdays are coming... :)

  4. All I can say is awesome!!!!! I wouldn't be surprised if they ask you to do more items for them

  5. Totally AWESOME!

  6. Somehow I missed this when you posted it- my feed reader can be quirky. Wowza! That is an amazing costume. Your attention to detail made it something really spectacular! It's very interesting to see how the pieces allow for different looks and styling. Amazing work!


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