Monday, January 30, 2012

Stash building

What quilter can resist stash building?  Honestly, this is something buried deep in the genetic make-up that cannot be overcome.  When I first started quilting, I bought whatever I liked with the dream of one day having enough to make my first quilt.  When I finally stopped buying, I had enough to make a queen-sized quilt for my husband and I, a twin-bed quilt for my son, and some scraps leftover for matching pillowcases.  At least with quilting, I can satisfy myself with quarter yards (charm packs are useless).  But when it comes to dressmaking, I typically go for 2-3 yards depending on how full I want my skirt.  Recently I picked up some new fabric at Nancy's Notions.  You simply cannot get out of that store without a purchase!

In the clearance bin was this 2/3 yard of Christmas fabric.  I'm thinking table runner or wall hanging.

Also on clearance was this 1950s novelty.  It's a healthy chunk at almost 2 yards, but I'm pretty sure this will become an apron.  I just can't see wearing a dress from this.

I splurged and paid full price on 2 yards of this retro print to use as kitchen curtains.  I only need three valances.  But the more I look at it, I'm starting to contemplate hotpads and mixer covers.

I tend to be a sucker for printed panels and bought these 6" squares of vintage sewing notions.  There are three sets of nine different squares.  Definitely a wallhanging for the sewing room.

I have some reproduction cottons that have this Victorian, turn-of-the-century feel.  I think I will mix them with my small sampling of velvets and silks and work up a crazy quilt arrangement.  Still in the planning stages...

...well, that can be said for most of the projects in my cupboard.  I tend to buy the fabric, wash it, fold it and tuck it away with vague notions of what it will one day become.  And as long as there is room in the cupboard, I let go of the guilt!


  1. Love those "retro" prints! The one will make cute kitchen toppers. Blessings from Ringle, WI.

  2. Cute fabrics! I recently found that my stash was turning into a horde when setting up my sewing room. I decided I have to get a sewing before I go buying anything else!!!

  3. Such cute fabric!!! I wish my local store had such cute retro prints. I may have to do some online shopping for repro fabric now ;)

  4. I have a stash that is out of control (8-10 very large totes full)! It's a little embarrassing. But I inherited my great grandmother's stash when she passed in 1994 and I haven't found special projects for all of it yet so a few totes are odds and ends left from her things. I've made 2 king size quilts this year and not made a dent, so I have my work cut out for me! I definitely see some aprons in my future plans. I'll post in the apron challenge as soon as I get one done! I love the retro kitchen print by the way!


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