Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Well, the ole Chevy is getting a work-out now!  This past weekend Hank decided it was time to officially super-size our camper situation.  It seems that the Scotty Sportsman is getting a little snug these days.  Hank never could really stand up straight inside, and the two kids are having trouble sleeping in the twin bed.  So we took a drive to the Northwoods and bought a '64 Airstream.  The previous owner gutted it, sealed it, insulated it and then stopped.  So basically we have a really nice shell.  That's right.  There is nothing inside.  Our job is to furnish it.  Which is no small task, and at this point, we're brimming over with ideas.  Do we go 1940s?  Or Dieselpunk it?  We have a 1920s Jewel Clark stove in the barn...maybe heavy, velvet drapes for room partitions?  One thing for sure is that it will not be original, and it will not be a 1950s chrome diner.  But whatever we decide, it will have to wait until after shearing and making hay.  Because chores just don't take a weekend off!


  1. Oh how exciting! I can't wait to see what you do with it! So you get the best of both worlds- retro awesomeness with a fresh, new interior! I've no doubt you guys will do it up to perfection!

  2. She's a beaut! I really enjoyed seeing the post on your little Scotty and can't wait to see how you do up this one. My husband knows how much I wish for an older trailer, but for now, I'll live vicariously through you.

  3. My husband is buying a 60's greyhound bus that was made into a RV in the 80s so well it will also be pretty much from scratch too. I can't wait to get ideas from you ;)

    1. We looked at buses, too, but found the older ones needed sooo much work - both inside and out. Decided to play it safe. But I've seen some great make-overs, and you'll have fun!

  4. Cool! Looking forward to seeing you do your creative magic on this baby!

  5. Wow your Airstream is great! That's gonna be a fun/crazy project to tackle. Good luck & show us progress pictures!!


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