Monday, February 6, 2012

Apron Challenge: February

Okay, Girls, it's time for us to reevaluate February.  I know that most of us have a love-hate relationship with this month.  We love the fact that at this time of year we're given permission to lavish over-the-top pink sweetness on our husbands and children, but at the same time hate the fact that Hallmark insists it happen a certain preordained way and be contained to only the 14th.  Let's call out that elephant in the room.  Let's talk about Valentine's Day.

Most people go right for the jugular of card, candy, floral and jewelry shops, but I've often thought that to be unfair.  Kudos to them whose marketing team puts in the long hours, figuring out ways to triple their sales in the matter of two weeks.  Valentine's Day should be a big deal simply because it reminds us that we need to appreciate those around us.  Honestly, how many of us would simply forget to go the extra mile if it wasn't ingrained in our psyche that February 14th is the official day of going the extra mile?

I know you're probably saying right now, "Um...apron...?"

Yes, yes, the matter at hand.  That was just my elaborate lead in to justify why I'm shushing you outside my bedroom door.  Because while it may seem very Hallmark-induced, breakfast in bed for the one you love is still really sweet!

This month I used a vintage cotton tablecloth.  It had been on the worktable in the kitchen for a few months, but shaking out the toast crumbs and cat hair every day got to be very tedious.  I have a large collection of tablecloths and this one had seen better days.  The strawberries are faded in one corner, and there is an impressive coffee stain in the other.  But once it's ruffled, virtually none of that visible.  And the inevitable bacon grease stains will feel right at home.

To make the layers of ruffles, I cut two 14" wide lengths from the longest edges of the tablecloth.  The depth of the ruffle (14") was determined by the size of the border print because I wanted to include as much of the border as possible.  With the leftovers from the center of the tablecloth, I made the waistband and ties.  One hint I can offer when it comes to the ties, make them longer than you think you need.  These turned out a bit skimpy.  Easier to cut them shorter if need be.

I attached the top ruffle first, directly into the waistband as I did on my other aprons.  The lower ruffle is sewn to a foundation piece.  I cut the foundation piece extra long knowing that I could adjust the length later and tuck the bottom ruffle under as far as I needed to achieve my overall length.  I added green rickrack to off-set all the pink.  My friend suggested that I add pockets  between the two layers.  They could be sewn to the foundation panel and would be hidden quite nicely.  But I decided to keep it simple.  Besides, isn't your hankie supposed to be shoved up your shirt sleeve?

On second thought, it may be too early to wake the Hubby so I'll just catch up on today's news.  But remember, whatever you do for Valentine's Day, as long as it is from the heart, it counts.  No matter what Hallmark has to say about it.


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  2. That is really cute! I love old tablecloths. I have none, but I still love them. That's a great use of one, definitely.


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