Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter sewing deadline...MADE IT!

Phew!  At 10:30pm Saturday night, I tied the last knot on my Easter sewing projects!  Nothing like a deadline to keep your butt in gear!  Here's a look at my family's Sunday finest, hot off the sewing machine!

For my son I did a blue wool vest.  From start to finish this took two hours!  Love projects like that!

My daughter had a matching, blue wool jacket.  I found a vintage, white, mink fur collar at the thrift store and sort of designed around that.

I used Simplicity 8524 (dated 1969) for both her jacket and dress.

The jacket has the large, bell sleeves shown in view 3.  I used the bodice and skirt pieces, but added buttons down the center front instead of the back zipper.  And shaped the neckline to accommodate the fur collar.  The jacket is fully lined.

The dress is view 2 but in a longer length.  I had a beautiful, medium blue, paisley cotton with silver metallic accents.  I used a poly chiffon for the long, flowing sleeves.  The chiffon has tiny silver dots all over it. 

Woolf pillow details here

We added a satin ribbon around the waist, tied at the back, and two bows on each sleeve.  The dress is a bit big on her so she'll get at least one more year out of it. 

For my dress, I used Butterick 7065.  My girlfriend generously gave me 5 yards of a white silk/linen blend.  It reminds me of drapery fabric with all the heavy slubbing.  But it is a lighterweight material and has such a fluid hand.  It drapes like a dream!

So I tackled this pattern.  First time doing a full circle skirt (hemline measuring over six yards!).  First time handling every piece cut on the bias.  First time doing a side zip.  But all in all, I'd say it was a success.

The bodice consists of two front pieces and two back pieces.  Seams run from the top of the shoulder down to the sleeve and down the center front and center back.   The skirt is heavily pleated all the way around.

This photo shows more clearly the slubs in the fabric, meeting at an angle down the center back.  

So needless to say, I am relieved that I got everything done on time.  Sunday was spent in the kitchen cooking the big Dinner and baking a birthday cake for Mr. Schimstock.  And in case you thought perhaps I left him out, all he wanted was for me to sew buttons onto his trousers for his leather braces.

I hope you and yours had a wonderful and blessed Easter weekend!


  1. You all look fabulous! Congrats on getting it all done, and done so well!

  2. beautiful!
    what a picture book family :-)
    you really were incredibly busy. I especially like the jacket of your daughter with the lovely collar.

  3. Wow - lovely sewing! And your shoes . . . they are gorgeous!!

  4. Oh my word! Everyone is stunning! Your talents know no bounds, my dear!

  5. Wow, you did such a great job!

  6. I had my response all ready and then I hit comments and saw that Jocelyn stole mine! So it must be true! You DO all look fabulous! I hope you sent some pics into Sew Retro too. Stunning! Here's to getting spring projects done and starting summer's!

  7. What a lovely family. You are so talented.

  8. Somewhere Doris Day is smiling.

  9. Lovely work and a lovely family!

  10. You all look wonderful!!!! Good job :)

  11. Lovely! You look like a true 1950s lady, especially with that curled hair set! The pattern you used is really beautiful.

    Happy Easter!

  12. All the outfits are just beautiful. I actually had a pagaent dress made out of the same pattern you used for your daughters dress. Of course that was in the 1970's and the pattern was brand new then!!! Great job!

    1. How cool! My daughter really likes the dress, mostly because of the swooshy sleeves. It was easy to sew and can be made to fit any occasion so I think we'll be making a few more.


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