Sunday, July 8, 2012

Peaches by the Numbers

65 Big Smile peaches ~ peeled, pitted and squished into

13 quarts ~ processed on my stove top using

3 pots ~ of boiling steaminess 

~ raising the temperature in the house by 9 degrees 

~ the scraps from which resulted in

2 happy piggies ~ and

1 christened apron ~ and

1 sweaty, satisfied housewife.


  1. You might be sweaty , but your the coolest housewife ever!, your awesome!

  2. Good for you. I love canning. And you look so nice doing it, too! I look like a total slob. But at least I have my apron!

  3. I hope it's ok, as one of my favorite blogs I've given you a blog award; I hope you accept, but please feel no pressure.

  4. LOVE IT!! I canned peaches for the fist time last year...def going to do MORE this year. I ran out!!! On the other hand I'm so thankful we used what we put up and didn't waste any! THANKS for sharing.

  5. Love the pictures. Canning your own peaches beat buying store canned peaches any day. Peaches are almost in season up by me. Can't wait to do again this year. Hopefully my stove will look as clean as yours. No matter what I do it gets messy.


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