Friday, July 27, 2012

Public Service Announcement

This is my skirt.

This is my skirt on crinoline.

This is my skirt on two crinolines.

Any questions?

I think it's no secret, my obsession with the crinoline, but one just doesn't cut it anymore.  Recently I tracked down a classified ad in our local paper advertising square dancing clothes.  It was just as I expected; an older lady was selling off her 1980s calico dresses.  However, as I had hoped, she did have one of these fabulous chiffon crinolines and a pair of white ruffled panties (which I'm too much of a lady to show you).  I also bought this aqua tiered skirt from her, and it came with a matching peasant blouse.  When I wore that complete outfit last week, my husband asked if I had a good day stomping grapes.  

The top photo is how you'll find me most days this summer when I'm playing around the house, skirt and tee shirt.  But if you follow the progression of my smile down those four photos, I think I should try doing chores in two crinolines from now on! 

Footnote: If you're wondering about my tank top, it's from Carmen Lee and the Tomorrow River Two.  She's a local honky tonk/rockabilly singer that has a heart of gold!


  1. Cute! love the turquoise.
    and... I suppose that crinoline is something special if it makes one smile like that!


  2. Looks like an adorable outfit to beat the summer heat in! And what a lucky day to stumble on the ad for crinolines...yay!

  3. Very cute, crinoline makes everything better.

  4. Next step: THREE CRINOLINES!


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