Friday, December 14, 2012

The Infamous Leg Lamp

Yes, it's true.  The infamous Leg Lamp from A Christmas Story has come to reside in our living room.  Of course, we all laugh at the movie, but when Hank and I stopped laughing and he looked at me with a glimmer in his eye, I knew what was coming.

Let's examine the facts:  (1) Our farmhouse is decorated with mostly 1940s furniture.  (2) The picture window faces the road.  And to top it all off (3) I have this perfect Eastlake table from Grandma...there was really no question as to what to do. 

Now if you know anything about us, you know that we rarely go buy exactly what we want; we have to make it ourselves.  So Hank bought a leg off ebay, shopped for heels at Goodwill, made the wooden base, wired the electrics, and glued fringe on the shade.  My contribution was the stocking which leaves me with one orphan in my drawer, but then I never wore fishnets very often. 

And with a little bit of embroidery floss, Hank added the extra touch of a back seam.  I don't think this is per the official movie version, but then that 's the fun of making it yourself!

If this lamp was in any other house, it would look like a gag, a bad joke, I would even venture to say trashy.  But somehow, perhaps because of the wooden base, the fringed shade, it works all too well in our living room.  And I'd be lying if I said I didn't like it.  So we'll leave the lamp for the duration of Winter, and probably put it away when I freshen up the house in Spring.  That is if the neighbors don't complain sooner.


  1. Yours looks so much better than the ones they sell in the stores, that looks like it will fall apart any moment and has the stocking sagging. Great job!

  2. :) That is hilarious, and so much better because you made it!!!!!!!

  3. I am laughing because we have a leg lamp also. My husband loves that movie. So as a surprise one year I bought him one. It's the first thing to be put out at Christmas time. Every year on Christmas eve we watch The Christmas story. My family knows that movie by heart.

  4. very fun and I love that you made it yourselves.

  5. Love it! That is one of my favorite Christmas movies.


  6. LOVE that you made it! It looks great!


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