Saturday, January 12, 2013

1960s Oriental Jacket

Today I have for your sewing amusement an Oriental-styled jacket in a 1960s home dec fabric.  Yeah baby.

Some time ago I purchased a single yard of 54" wide, heavyweight cotton.  The print was too unusual to pass up although literally none of these colors are in my home.  Orange, teal, sunshine yellow?  Neither can I actually wear this color palette, but I felt the need to give it a try.

I did not have enough fabric to do the whole jacket and did considered a vest.  After a little scrounging in my stash, I found some winter white Pendleton wool.  Slowly a design took shape.

The novelty fabric seems to be of good quality although it is loose weave.  I'm not sure of the actual story that's being told here.  As far as I can tell the small, grey Peasant begs the large, yellow Overlord for more potatoes to fill his cart.  But whatever, it keeps the eye moving.

McCalls 3826 seemed the obvious choice for this project.   Just a quick side note, this top (view A) is very trim-fitting.  I find that most modern patterns allow far too much ease, but this was not the case here.  Double check your measurements or make a quick muslin. 

Because I didn't want a pullover style, I split the top down the center front seam and added shank buttons with loops.  I toyed with the idea of using one or two frogs, but opted for a more non-traditional look.

The jacket is fully lined.

And I used the last teensy scrap of fabric to add an upper armband on the left sleeve for no other reason than to be quirky.  I think it begs for black cigarette pants, but that'll have to wait.  The beret, by the way, is made of winter white wool and I purchased at a local coffee shop.  It's been one of my favorites this fall!


  1. Very cute. I love the way you can just make things work out.

  2. Ooh! What an original project... I love it!

  3. I have that pattern! I have yet to make it, though. Nice to see it made up in a non-pattern-envelope fabric. Yours looks way better! Great job! And it's good to know about the fit.

  4. Really intriguing! For me it feels very someone's soldier boyfriend brought them back some fabric and this is what they made from it.

  5. That is awesome! Love the fabric and what you made from it!

  6. Great fabric, and I love what you did with it. I am always impressed by your creativity!

  7. What an absolutely wonderful job you did!! The addition of the fabric strip on the left sleeve is perfect. What would be fun is to add a long tassel to the beret. The perfect touch of the exotic!

  8. The jacket looks fabulous and I have to tell you that when I read your description of the story the pattern appears to be telling, I cracked up laughing. I don't know if you meant to be funny with that description, but I found it to be rather amusing. I hope that doesn't offend you in any way. Black cigarette pants would definitely complete the look.

    Also, I LOVE your aprons and the vintage clothing and classic poses you're striking in the photos. Bravo! I think I may have found yet another blog to follow. Thanks. Toodles!


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