Friday, January 4, 2013

Legos, fur coats and the Tardis : a holiday recap

Christmas 2012 Photo Album

My traditional cut-outs and spritz...
...Hank's gingerbread Tardis and Daleks.
Star Wars Droid Escape Pod ~ Legos 9490
Smithsonian Rock and Gem Dig
Vintage 3/4 sleeve mink coat
From all of us at the Homestead, 
I hope you have wonderful holiday memories and enjoy the New Year!

By the way, Hank says 'hi,' but he's busy out in the machine shed, 
mining for rusty nails and hinges with his new metal detector.


  1. I love your gingerbread TARDIS and daleks. This is being pinned to my Christmas board on pinterest so that my family can do it next year :)

  2. I can tell we are not the only family that looks forward to the Dr Who Christmas special. The coat looks great on you. We had to buy Legos this year too. But ours was for our daughter's 21 year old boyfriend. Guess guys never out grow them.

    1. Neither do girls! I gifted my castle Legos (which I bought while in college) to my daughter last year. She loved them, and they don't make them anymore!

  3. Love the vintage mink! First Christmas in years that there were not Lego's under our tree for at least one of the Grands. Hubs built doll houses for the girls and the boys got a new video game. You have a handsome family.

  4. omg gingerbread TARDIS awesomeness :)


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