Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Winter Trends: Layering

The fashion designers say that texture and layers are the thing this winter fashion season.  And since I'm all about haute couture on the Homestead, here's my trending ensemble for daily chores.

long sleeve cotton shirt
long sleeve cashmere turtleneck sweater
Dickies insulated work coat
Duofold long john bottoms
WWII Army-issue wool pants
Wrangler denim coveralls
alpaca wool socks
knock-off Sorel boots
cashmere scarf
fleece-lined waterproof gloves
fleece-lined knit toboggan hat

Oh yeah, we're styling now!


  1. Woowoo! Chic!

    Smart woman. I bet you're nice and toasty. I layer, too, but I don't have the wool pants. I think I will look for some, though. My legs are always cold.

    1. Wool army pants are amazing for chores! Water beads off and dirt doesn't stick!

  2. haha! :-)
    that sounds very familiar - for me, it's long merino underwear, old norwegian sweater, swiss army wool jacket and trousers, slovak felt boots .......
    husband says i look like a 1945 "trümmerfrau" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trümmerfrau
    it´s around -10°C here. not much snow.

    1. The Army did know how to dress for the conditions, didn't they? And yes, the trummerfrau is so true!

  3. That IS stylin'...farmgirl style! It was 4 degrees here this morning so it was all about keeping warm! Now yes, my hair was done & make-up on, after all, you never know who might stop by (!), but other than that, a Carhartt coat (along with it's swanky "fur" lined hood) was the order of the day. You look warm, cozy, and truly terrific! -Mary

    1. Hair and makeup is a must for those trips to the feed mill. lol :)

  4. Ooooooooooooh, positively cozy! Where in the name of Mike did you find those warm army pants?

  5. Looks like you'll be starting a whole new trend in homestead outerwear...! :)

  6. Hey don't forget the pant liners, found mine at JC Penneys. Really helps!!!


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