Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Big Bad Woolf : an Update

Just wanted to post a quick update on my Big Bad Woolf pillow.  I did some simple outline quilting around the entire design and added a yellow, oval button eye.  The pillow cover closes with a zipper across the bottom edge.  I made my own pillow form using thrifted poly-fill and muslin.

This was a great project.  I had forgotten how fun it can be to buy a brand new pattern, cut into my special herringbone wool and have a finished product ready to use just days later!  Really, Ladies, try to sew those projects while you're still excited about them.  If everything is put off until after you've plowed through the neverending mending pile, the honeymoon might be over.  And then your once highly anticipated projects turn into the dreaded UFO! 


  1. omg the eye is perfect! beautiful job :)

  2. Very cool pillow! My oldest grandson would like this one. I understand the UFO, I have many.

  3. You are so right! It feels good to do a project when you're loving it.

    I really like your pillow. The button eye is perfect!

  4. Ooooo...that oval-shaped sneaky eye really does it!

  5. I've never seen anything like this- I love it!


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