Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring :: Art Nouveau Style

Any good Hausfrau wouldn't be worth her salt if she didn't celebrate the First Day of Spring!  Even though we have -10degree wind chills here today, I'd like to extend a happy reminder that warmer days are coming, slowly but surely.  

And nothing gives fuel to my optimism better than the decadent images of the incomparable Alphonse Mucha.   One of my favorite artists, he did several renditions of Spring.  But he also did several groupings that depict all the Seasons.  

So take a moment to reveal in the Art Nouveau opulence, and I'll see you on the brighter side of the pasture!


  1. alfons mucha is one of my favorite artists!
    thanks for posting this pictures :-)
    here we still have snow, but when the sun comes out it feel like spring......

  2. They are pretty! I am a fan, too. So much movement in those pictures.

    Here's hoping there's warm weather to come SOON.

  3. I love that you posted this! I recently (like, last week!) became enthralled with his drawings...very into Art Nouveau, as well. So beautiful and natural!

  4. I LOVE Mucha!!! Happy spring and cheers to a rise in temps.


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