Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Under a layer of ice

The entire barnyard was literally creaking this morning.  The cows were bellering.  The geese honking, and the sheep were skeetering around, trying to understand why the ground beneath them was shattering with every step.

Last night we had lightening and thunder.  Rain ushered in by driving winds eventually turned to sleet.  Northern Wisconsin, along with several other states, were also hit with measurable snowfall on top of this ice.  Thank God we were at least spared that!  The weatherman predicts that it will melt off today, but warns that we should brace ourselves for a second round again tonight.  *sigh*   Oh, Spring, where are you?

the old horse-drawn hayrack inside the ewe's pasture

latch on the dog kennel

my ornamental crab apple

Abner glad for his breakfast

corn crib

the Love Shack out in the breeding pasture

hay wagon


Several more photos in my facebook album


  1. It sure it pretty, but not something you want to see in April!
    I hope we do not get that.It is raining here now and it is just going to keep getting colder. SIGH!

  2. Thankfully we have warm weather today .After having 3 days of cold and windy weather. I am hoping it stay warm. There is so much I need to get done in my garden.

  3. Very beautiful pictures. Sorry Spring hasn't found you yet. It introduced itself here for a few days and then Summer came to visit *laugh* We have had temps in the 80s for two days. Tomorrow puts us back to normal thankfully.

  4. That is so pretty. IN January. Not April.

    I hope it warms up for you soon!

  5. Well on the up side it doesnt make pretty pictures. We had rain sleet snow etc.... All this April I agree that spring needs to get here!!!

  6. oh weh!
    i send you some of the spring temperatures from here! stay warm!


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