Saturday, January 24, 2015

The thrill hasn't worn off...

We're a solid three months into the whole inevitable horse situation, and I'm happy to say that the thrill hasn't worn off.  Hank, devoted as ever, continues to research proper training and handling techniques.  The Rancher is learning to use her voice and be more assertive. For Christmas, she received a lunging rope and whip.  Misty is spoiled and generally not in a mood to obey, but slowly the pair of them are learning to converse, just enough to where it feels like progress is being made.

The weekends are perfect for extra grooming, lunging and casual strolls around the hayfield to reinforce the basic commands. 

Misty has put on a little Winter weight, for which we are glad.  Unfortunately she also had a minor case of ringworm.  We're not sure if this came with some used saddle pads that we purchased or was a stress-related result of her relocation to our farm.  Although the large patches on her shoulders look bad, the ringworm has been effectively treated and new, stubby hair is filling in.

The Rancher has big plans to ride Misty the half-mile down the road to visit the neighbor this Summer.  I may be following behind on my bicycle, but I sincerely hope this happens because she truly deserves it.  The Rancher is still the first one up every morning, hauling a water bucket and flashlight, while Misty whinnies from across the barnyard.  And although the Rancher sometimes drags her feet out to the barn after school, she typically doesn't return to the house for almost an hour, spending that time shoveling manure and scolding the cat for pestering Misty while she's trying to eat.  If she has this level of commitment over the Winter months, which every homesteader knows are the worst for barnyard chores, we will be in very good shape come Spring. 

So if the Winter Doldrums are starting to settle in, grab your favorite four-legged friend for an extra hug.  Sunny days are ahead! 


  1. loooove!! the last pic is just heartwarming!!!!
    looks like a wonderful friendship :-)
    i´m glad that all the work gets done too - and as you say, in winter it´s the hardest. early spring for this both cute beings!

  2. It a very good sign that the horse let her hug her. That shows Misty isn't afraid of her and is getting close to her.

  3. With spring coming along, make sure the Rancher has a shedding blade. Misty will love having all that extra coat come off and it's a great bonding time for the two. Keep the horse hair in a net of some sort and the birds will appreciate the bedding when building their nests.


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