Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Sheep Talk

It seems like quite a long time since I stopped to talk sheep with y'all.  Way back in Spring I hurriedly posted some lamb photos, but the sheep are so self-sufficient all Summer that...hold on...I don't think I ever posted lamb photos this Spring!!  What kind of shoddy shepherdess am I?!  There are a few cute lamb videos on my facebook page, but I think a few introductions are in order.

This is Smudge and her ewe lamb, Bobble, so named because she has a silly wobble to her head when she runs.

Here is Trillium and her spotted ewe lamb, Dribble, named for the tiny white stripe trickling down her upper lip.

And finally Gingersnap with yet another ewe lamb, No Name, because she doesn't have any unique features that we can hang a moniker on.

Our three Mamas and lambs have been doing great all Summer.  Unfortunately we are now in that unpleasant position of trying to decide who to keep in the pasture and who to put in the freezer.  Currently I have a flock of 12 ewes and 2 rams.  Over the past ten years we've walked that fine line of having just the right sized flock: big enough for adequate wool and meat production; small enough to keep it fun for both myself and Hank (can't overwork your in-house shearer and hay supplier).  At times I've had close to 20 sheep in total, and that proved to be too many.  A few of my girls are reaching their Golden Years and may not be with us for much longer so on one hand I feel comfortable in keeping a couple of these lambs, but on the other hand, I like lambchops and a smaller flock may be a welcome respite on the barnyard chores.  Fortunately we don't need to make a final decision until January or February.

 Because when you're looking at cuties like these, how can you not love them forever?!


  1. And naming them is just going to make that decision even harder...Thanks for posting the beautiful pictures. The sewing is my favorite part of your blog, but these are fun too.

  2. we are to much used into the dividing between cute animals and the meat in the supermarket. our ancestors would laugh at us :-)
    but you´r a good farmer and i´m sure you will make the right decision!!!!


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