Saturday, March 26, 2011

1952 Wrap Blouse

Made from a homespun cotton stripe, this 1952 wrap blouse from Decades of Style worked up pretty well.

I cut it two sizes smaller than I measure because I didn't want the nine inches of ease through the bust.  I took in my typical petite alterations (shortening both the torso and the sleeve).

Attaching the collar to the neckline was a bit peculiar, but after some pinning, checking, re-pinning and finger crossing, I did sew it on successfully in one attempt.

It's comfortable through the chest and shoulders, and the wrapped waistline does offer allowances for larger dinner portions.

The longer shirt tale in the back seems to stay tucked even though I omitted the inside belt.

This blouse is the third attempt of mine at a wrap-styled piece of clothing.  Why is it that we're drawn to those?  The perceived lack of fitting?  The lure of adjustability?  The promise of a quick sewing project?  All of those are true for me.  But as the New Vintage Lady so eloquently explains in her blog, Patterns I'm Sick of Seeing, these styles are a novelty in abundance!

Overall, very satisfying to introduce a needed and versatile piece to my wardrobe!

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