Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Shoebox in My Barn

Nothing gets you in the mood for spring like a new summer driver!

Tucked away from the stinging snowstorm hitting the Midwest this week, my 1950 Ford four-door is waiting for a little cosmetic work before cruising to town for shopping and groceries.  Purchased just two weeks ago from northern Illinois, she's in pretty good shape consdering her age.  Fixing a bit of Swiss cheese in the rear quarters, a bit of sag in the driver's side doors and the faded interior will get her back into top form.  

Those who know their early '50s Fords will see a bit of customizing on the grill and lower hood.  Gone is that mohawk of a hood ornament and the iconic badge.  Having an early '50s Nash ornament in my possession, I think this may bring out her true spirit!

Still powered by a Flathead and having the 3-speed manual, a dual exhaust is one of the few noticeable upgrades.  A bit of custom metalwork on the rear is also evident, giving her a cleaner look. 

Now since I'm convinced that this car has a female vibe, I must take that into consideration.  After my husband so kindly does the bodywork, I plan to sew a pink and ivory interior.  I'm toying between floral and plaid.  The exterior will most definitely be a combination of dark salmon pink (the body) and ivory (the roof).  Ivory pinstriping or scallops have not been ruled out either. 

At this point you are either groaning and wondering what the world is coming to (Gentlemen) or grinning broadly with the realization that it's okay to want a pink car (Ladies).  And yes, I plan to drive her on a daily basis, assuming that I will be able to see over the steering wheel and master three on the tree. 

 Check back for more in-progress photos.  Now what to name her...

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  1. BoPeep I have to sit on a cushion to see over the steering wheel in my 59. So don't feel too bad if you need to make a pretty cushion to sit on.


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