Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hometown Rosie

Having just finished my wool '49er jacket, I couldn't help but think about the girls that served state-side during WWII.  We all know the iconic Rosie the Riveter.  Every Rosie that picked up a lunchbox in 1941 was a wife or mother or daughter, wearing their men's overalls and work pants, belted in and cuffed up.  Their shirts rolled to the elbow, curls carefully tucked away in bandannas and headscarves.  What a thrill it must have been to be released from the confines of the kitchens, the offices, the classrooms and hospital wards!  These women were entering arenas that their mothers had never dreamed of.  These were the factory floors, the assembly plants and the shipyards where once only echoed the shouts of men.  But no longer.  There was a new order.  Those walls were now ringing with the laughs and calls of Rosie's girls.  Pride in every rivet.  Sweat in every weld.  Rosie proved her worth for four long years.

Please take a minute to visit the website for the Rosie the Riveter / WWII Home Front National Park located in Richmond, California.  Dedicated to preserving the nation's home front efforts during the war years.

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