Sunday, April 17, 2011

Before you go. . .

...come into my pantry for a minute (that sounds creepier than I intend it to.  LOL).  I thought I'd show you my latest collection.  Okay, two is hardly a collection, but you have to start somewhere, right?

Last summer I was ecstatic to find a vintage Sunbeam Mixmaster at a rummage for $5.  It was without bowls, but hummed right along with no problem.  Good beaters.  Good cord.  I cleaned it up and whipped frosting to my hearts content!

Sunbeam has been has been around since before the turn of the century.  Originally they produced horse trimming and sheep shearing equipment (how cool is that?!).  Their first appliance for the home was the Princess Electric Iron in 1910 and the MixMaster followed in 1931. 

I believe this mixer to be a Model 7, introduced in 1941.  Production was halted during the war years and started up again in 1946.

So that brings me to the other half of my collection, a slightly larger, more plastic 1950s Sunbeam MixMaster. Same cool streamlined design, but the base, bowl tray and black setting knob are all plastic. 

This mixer was on craigslist and living not 30 miles from me.  To my joy it came with two sets of beaters and four bowls!  All the bowls are marked "FireKingware Made in USA for Sunbeam."  Great looking bowls with just a hint of beater marks inside to remind you of their years of faithful service.
So now, of course, I'm on the lookout for the milkglass juicer attachment that fits on top (knock twice if you happen to know where one is). And with the humble beginnings of my latest collection, perhaps the number of layer cakes destined to come out of my kitchen has just slightly increased.  I never intended to collect kitchen appliances (and it's very likely that I'll stop right here).  But I do always get a certain sense of satisfaction when I can salvage one of these old beauties and in so doing, relegate my modern appliances to the basement!

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  1. Cool and wonderful to see vintage mixers still being use to their full potential


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