Monday, April 18, 2011

Gratuitous baby pictures

Since we're expecting 2-3 inches of snow tomorrow, I spent some time in the pasture this morning while it's still sunny.  Thought you would like to see how everyone's been getting along.  :)

The three lambs have made friends and spend more time together, 
under the watchful eyes of their mothers, of course.

This is the ram, trying to decide if he likes the taste of hay.  
They won't start eating hay or grain for another couple of weeks yet.

All of the sheep seem to be interested in our barn cats.  
Here the ewe lamb is investigating Smokey through the safety of the fence.

One ewe lamb, the first one born, is especially friendly.  She trots right over when I come out to feed them.  She's even approached my kids and husband.  That takes guts when you only weigh five pounds!  I have to confess that yesterday I shirked my responsibilities in the house to sit in the pasture with this girl napping in my lap.  So sweet! 

I'm still waiting for our two older, experienced mothers to deliver.  
I expect twins from both of them.  I'll keep you posted. 
But for right now, these three are a real delight!


  1. So cute will you end up keeping them all?

  2. Oh and I bought a 52 version of the Ball Canning book and think I will give pickles a go this season. Now I just need to find a nice canning pot. thanks for the push in the right direction.

  3. We have a two buyers for our spring lambs already. But I'm sure we'll keep at least one or two for ourselves. And if you watch the rummages, I'm sure you'll be able to find an old water bath canner. Pickles are good to start with. Boil your brine, pack the jars while the canner heats up and process. Easy-smeasy! Have fun!!

  4. Definately keep the sweet little girl who's so friendly. How exciting for you guys! Can't wait to have our Victory Girls cookout!


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