Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Shoebox Update : Rear Fenders

I thought a quick update was in order.  The back end of my Shoebox is getting a once over and all the credit goes to my husband.  While I'm contemplating various shades of pink, he's doing the dirty work.

A bit of Swiss cheese on the inner fenders and lower edges led to a few late nights of torching, welding and grinding.  The entire left rear fender was cut off and replaced.  Here's a shot of the right fender that, mercifully, didn't need to be totally replaced.

He also took the seams off the top of the fender, filling and grinding that smooth.  

Me:  Can't we just lay some Bondo on that? 
Husband: [silence]  Let's replace it with metal, the way it should be done.

A little bit of body filler (and a lotta bit of sanding), and she's ready for the first coat of primer.   So with the back end nearing completion, the majority of the metal work will be finished.  She's pretty solid every where else.  I better commit to a paint chip pretty darn soon!  Of course, once the outside is done, it'll be my turn to finish off the interior. 


  1. It will be really fabulous when its all done!!! You're a lucky lady.

  2. Agreed, I would love to pick out a paint chip for my baby, but not in the budget yet! Can't wait to see the interior. Kustom Kolor has some nice stuff in satin. Are you thinking black? Aqua would be cool with the pink. It's Hot Rod Flatz, they have a Tropical Aqua and a Camo Brown too. It's a preflattened paint. Check 'em out.

  3. I'm thinking satin but not black (too much of that out there). Pink and ivory...very feminine. :) And my husband is highly recommending metal flake! I'll keep you posted!


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