Monday, June 27, 2011

Make and Mend : the New Project

Okay, with the first step complete, the nefarious mending pile, I'm on to the second step of the New Vintage Lady's Make and Mend Challenge, sew a new project with fabric you already have. Of course this means digging into the stash and actually taking a scissors to some coveted piece of fabric.  But this was a reproduction piece I'd had since last summer (Happy Camper line by American Jane for MODA).  It's day had come.

Right from the beginning, I had envisioned a pair of cool, summer pedal pushers.  I use only one pant pattern for all my projects.  Originally it was a modern McCalls pattern, but I've drafted several variations over the years, depending on the specific project and material.  Typically I alter the leg widths and lengths, adjust the darts, use different zipper placements, add or subtract the waistband, extend it to a high-waist style, things like that. 

I was really happy with the finished pants, and they match a lot of tops and sweaters I already own (this is why we sew, Ladies).  But what to do with the leftover fabric?  Usually I don't do "matchy matchy" outfits, but I've had such fun with my cherry playsuit that I decided to do one more in that style.  

Using the repro Vogue 2960 dress pattern, I made a cropped top.  Now let me just say that this is the most belly I've shown in approximately 8 years (when my first child arrived on the scene).  But the pants have a higher waist which properly covers my sad little belly button (you used to be so cute!) and all the stretch marks.  Maybe I should get a bit of self tanner to add some color to that no man's land that is my mid-section!  Welcome back to the light of day!  lol

The top went together well and was a good test run for making the full dress. 

So I couldn't leave you without at least one cheesy pose!  

Well, just as soon as the rain lets up here in Pasturelands, I'll be ready for the summer sun.  My shoes, by the way, are girls' espadrilles from Lands' End.  Great if you have wide feet and slightly more practical for trips to the playground than the espadrille wedges I have.  Now I'm off to find a beach somewhere . . . well, sorry to spoil the illusion, but I'm actually off to shear sheep with Mr. Peep.  I'll be sure to take some photos for those of you wanting to brush up on your shearing skills.

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  1. Now that looks fun! Great job on this one and it looks lovely on. Such creative inspiration makes me want to give it a try.

  2. This is SO cute! I thought that fabric looked familiar! I think I was admiring it at the local quilt shop. Beautiful work, and darling and creative use of that pattern.

  3. Cute outfit. I'm working on my sewing skills now so maybe next summer I'll be able to make a cute outfit like you.

  4. You brave girl, you look great! My stretch marks extend above my used-to-look-cute-too belly button. I think that dress paattern will look great too, judging from the top.

  5. Thanks everyone! I confess, I didn't actually wear it for sheep shearing. But I did debut this outfit at my brother's housewarming, and I have to say, it was comfy enough for all day wear! Yay!

  6. What a cute outfit! The trousers are gorgeous, what lovely fabric too.
    I think you did it the right way round then, the mending BEFORE the fun stuff. I'm struggling to get focussed on the mending now!


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