Monday, July 25, 2011

My first Swirl!

I'm not one to buy an item simply because of the label . . . until now.  Shopping at one of my favorite vintage clothing stores, AtomicKatz, this past weekend, I happened upon a 1960s Swirl dress.  The Swirl label made its debut in the mid-1940s, originally designed as an apron, it quickly evolved into a pinafore or wrap-around dress. 

Having said "wrap around," there should be bells and whistles going off in your head.  Remember the other (infamous) Walk Away dress from Butterick?  I made that one several years ago.  After a few wearings fraut with tugging, pulling and constant readjusting, I decided the material would make a nicer A-line skirt.  I also made a second (don't ask me why) wrap dress that found itself better suited to being the binding on an apron.  Wrap dresses seem simple in theory, but the fit will give you fits!  Often times the bodice gaps and the waist shifts and this leads to a bit more thigh showing than is proper.  The only wrap garment I've ever made and been happy with was a Decades of Style blouse.  But still there is an allure. . .

So while I was tempted by the label, I hesitated because of the wrap.  But a trip to the dressing room proved that it did indeed fit.  And stay put!  One button at the back of the neck, with ties wrapping around, seemed to be enough.

It also has some lovely embroidery down the front and two generous patch pockets.  For all you devout Swirl wearers, please don't faint when I say that this will be a play dress for me.  You know, the kind that enjoys picnics and playgrounds and occassionally a mucking out of the sheep pen when duty calls.

So there you go, I was hooked by a label and reeled in by the fit (to my surprise).  And I'm the proud new owner of a Swirl!  Besides, I was dying to have some gingham in my summer wardrobe!  Perhaps I'll take a pattern off this one and give it one more try . . . how hard could it be, afterall?  :)

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  1. It's such a flattering colour! Well done for taking the plunge :)

    Kate xx (fellow FL-er)

  2. Cute "swirl" I love vintage clothes, but have a hard time finding ones my size :) - well cute ones that is.

  3. Oh, I LOVE it! Awesome find.

    I purchased a reprint of that Butterick dress pattern last year. I haven't made it yet, but was looking forward to it. I hope it fits me.

  4. Adorable, I have a swirl coming in the mail this week and have two of heydays remakes. I have had other wrap styles and really the swirl styles fit the best. Oh and my friend Monique swears by lining those walkaway skirt as the only way to make those puppies work out.

  5. Love it! What a great find!

  6. Fantastic Swirl! Congratulations on the super add to your wardrobe. I love Swirls, but don't have one... yet. I watch I Love Lucy just to see Ethel's Swirls!

  7. Thank Girls! My husband lovingly calls this my "hospital gown." lol

  8. Beautiful. You look like a movie star from a bygone era. I love that dress. Thanks for showing it off. I am going to try to find one too. It is very flattering and looks comfortable, breathable.

  9. Really darling... and very retro! You look great in that dress!


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