Thursday, August 11, 2011

Symco or Bust

Camper is outfitted and hitched to Hank's 1950 Chevy.  My '50 Ford is loaded with all the necessary pin-up stuff (clipboards, check-in sheets, contestant numbers, bouquet of roses for the winner...).

Hank was laying metalflake on the roof last night.  Talk about the Nth hour!  But he was too excited to sleep.  :)  He didn't have quite enough flake to do it justice, but you can see a pink hue in just the right light.  More layers to come after the car show.

I ransacked my closet and pulled way too many outfits (but only three pair of shoes).  A girl never knows what the weather will do!  My crinoline was a must . . .

Technically I've only got about three hours seat time in this ole girl, learning manual for the first time, three on the tree.  Only killed it twice and started out in third once.  Surprisinly I'm tall enough to see over the steering wheel, but not quite tall enough to reach the pedals.  Two pillows makes all the difference!

I'll try to get some good photos of the cars and the girls.  ;)  Check back next week for all the sordid details!


  1. At 5 foot 1 inch I am a pillow on the seat girl with my 59 wagon too. More to see over the wheel though. (it doesn't help that the springs are really shot on that side of the seat either). Good luck with your weekend wish I could have made it maybe next year.

  2. Oh my good golly, what a lovely gal (you AND the car!). Looking forward to more photos!


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