Tuesday, August 16, 2011

And the winner is...

If you were lucky enough to be in attendance this past weekend, you witnessed firsthand the most excellent pin-up contest ever!  Okay, I’m a little biased, but honestly, these girls brought their best to our stage and set the bar higher than anyone expected.  Saturday morning at the Symco Shakedown dawned with overcast skies and mist in the air, but no one’s spirits were dampened.  All of our twenty-three contestants took the stage, smiling and waving, to the sheer delight of our audience. 

Cherry Blossom
Ruby Gem
Wild Kat

Round One was a feast for the eyes as each contestant introduced herself and showed off her best pin-up poses.  Hankies were fluttering to the ground; tops of back-seamed stockings were revealed; kisses were blown in abundance.  One after another, the girls gave it their all, but the judges had to narrow the field to the Top Twelve.

Carmen Lee
Wrenchin' Wendy
Round Two brought the Top Twelve girls back onstage to answer questions from the judges.  Would you rather date Fonzi or Richie Cunningham?  And why?  Do you prefer Chuck Taylors or Stilettos?  And why?  It was a peek into the vintage culture that these beautiful girls brought to life.  Again the judges narrowed the field to the Final Five.

Top Twelve Miss Symco Calendar Girls

Round Three was when the audience got to voice their opinion.  Audience applause combined with the judges’ rankings determined our winner . . . and I’m proud to announce that Miss Symco 2011 is Sweet Pea (#18)!  Second runner up is Scarlet Fever (#5)!  Third runner up is January Lee (#13)!  Fourth place held by Bettie May (#15)!  And our fifth place is Fanny Freckles (#11)! 

Top Five Contestants

Sweet Pea
Sweet Pea, our Miss Symco 2011 Winner!

Lolita Haze

Congratulations to all of the contestants that graced our stage!  And a big thank you to our judges, our sponsors, and the ever lovely Lolita Haze, our emcee!  Finally, I would personally like to thank everyone who worked behind the scenes, supporting me and making this such a great event.  

All Twenty Three Miss Symco Contestants

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  1. It certainly was fun! I had a great time connecting with the other girls. I know so few vintage girls other than online, so to have so many in one place was a real treat. Everyone was lovely. And friendly! I'm already looking forward to next year.

    ♥ Rebecca Jean {Fanny Freckles}
    Midnight Maniac


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