Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hunnert Car Pile-Up

2011 marked the Tenth Anniversary of the Hunnert Car Pile-Up.  Sadly it also marked the end.  After ten years of cars, music and slicked back hair, the Chrome Czars are packing up their toolboxes.  This show helped define "traditional hot rod shows" across the Midwest.  These guys knew what they liked and weren't afraid to put it out there.

Photo taken by Jay Crasper
Photo taken by Chuck the Barber

The hot rods that came to this show were unique in that they (1) driven there by (2) the guys that built them.  A fair number of the cars (3) were in primer, and (4) we liked them that way.  The guys (5) respected the work that went into each car even if it wasn't their personal taste.  And each year, you could (6) count on making new friends.

This show isn't about trophys and who has the best car.  It's about the lifestyle.  It's homage to a generation that took what was cheap, modified it to go faster and hit the streets with their best girl.  Traditional rodders learn from each other, make their own parts and make it their own.

Ms Metal's custom '53 chevy

Even the ladies are into the scene.  Several girls wrench on their own cars, and those who don't are rediscovering an era of pearls and curls that make a girl feel like a girl.

Photo taken by Wrenchin' Wendy

If a traditional hot rod show comes to a town near you, don't be scared off the by amount of tattoos and black tee-shirts.  These folks are great people.  And I guarantee that when you walk on the grounds, you'll feel a vibe like you've never felt at other car shows.  There's a rockabilly energy in the air that'll get into your blood.

Hank and I have been going to Hunnert for many years and other shows like it.  It's just too much fun to pass up.  And like I said, it's a lifestyle.  It starts with taking your classic car out for more than just a Sunday drive.  Next thing you know, none of your kitchen appliances date later than 1960.  Happy Motoring!

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