Monday, April 21, 2014

Our Easter Tribble

While this Easter season finds most families searching out fuzzy, yellow chicks or long-eared rabbits, we've opted for a tribble.* 

Serious discussion regarding new animals to our Homestead began several months ago.  My daughter has been championing for a horse for the past six years, but my son would prefer a squirrel.  My husband, Hank, tends to lean towards the more exotic fish and reptiles.  I have always maintained furry and cuddly as my highest priorities (and yes, sheep qualify).   So imagine my surprise when Hank walked through the door last night with this little guy, quietly nestled in the crook of his arm.  "I went to the pet store looking for a beta!" were the first words out of his mouth.

This was the immediate response.

The only bonafide farm animal that is noticeably lacking on our Homestead is, in fact, a horse.  And Hank turns into a big softee whenever it comes to our daughter.  So naturally, the animal talk revolved mostly around the how and when of getting a horse.  Hank has been bombarding my inbox with emails linking me back to craigslist posts for horses, ponies and even miniature donkeys.  But now I realize that it was the classic bait and switch.  Slowly I was bracing for the large-scale commitment of a horse which made my acceptance of this small, unassuming guinea pig almost a guarantee.

Admittedly Mr. Tribble, as he's been named, does meet my requirements of fuzzy and cuddly.  He's quiet and stays put.  Perhaps most importantly he's distracting my daughter from the whole horse conundrum.  I've been okay with taking on all sorts of farm animals over the years (chickens, sheep, ducks, turkeys, geese, steers, pigs), but horses are intimidating because I have no experience with them whatsoever.  Intimidating and expensive.  And they live forever!

So perhaps I can stall on the horse for a few months months yet.  Shouldn't we wait at least until the pastures come in?  And maybe after lambing?  And after shearing (I could keep up this line of defense forever)?  In the meantime, the kids are thrilled with Mr. Tribble.  They were even up early before school to pet and feed him.  Boy, do they feed him!  So Hank did good, even if it was a complete surprise.  I suppose it's only fair considering how many kittens I've brought home without consulting him first. 

* And in case you're not a Star Trek fan, a tribble is a faceless, fuzzball alien critter from a classic episode entitle "The Trouble with Tribbles."


  1. Good luck with your horse decision.
    We just sold our two horses after giving them a try.
    They are not for everyone.

  2. thank goddess the horse turned out to be a guinea pig :-)
    a very cute one! don´t let you talk in to a horse owning. maybe there is a horse stable in your neck of the wood were the little princess can share a horse with other girls??

    i love that tribbles-episode!!!!!


  3. I loved this post! :) Tribble is so adorable! The name and the animal. There's no walking away from that one. I can see why Hank brought him home. :)

    On the subject of horses... my sister recently got a horse and I would compare the experience to adopting a couple more kids. I guess it depends on just what kind of horse but hers consumes all her free time and is very costly! It's a VERY bid commitment I'd say. Hopefully your daughter can be satisfied by the cuteness of Tribble. :)

  4. Tribble is so cute. Unfortunately my other animals would love an animal like Tribble but not in a good way.

  5. We have a giant tribble in my house his name is big bunny and he is huge. A guinea pig is much small and easier to contain. As for the horse just remember they are herd animals they don't like to live alone, just saying. That being said I had a horse when I was younger and it took me a long time to convince my parents about it and by the time they got it for me it was really too late but I think had they got it for me earlier it would have made a big difference in our relations (we didn't really get on too well so I spent lots of time at friends barns with their horses). Just saying....

  6. Tribble is adorable...both his name and himself. I would look into 'sharing' a horse at a local stable as well. Horses are exceptionally time consuming and costly. And as you point out, they live 'forever'. Best wishes.

  7. I love your new pet. When my two boys were young we had a guinea pig, Susie. My boys loved her very much. She would sense when the school bus brought them home at the corner and would start her whistling. They would race in the door to pet and give her a little treat. I hope your piggy is as much fun as ours.


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