Thursday, October 27, 2011

An interview at SewRetro

I'm not as lost as I look.  But weren't there supposed to be sheep here?!

This week I was honored to be the featured sewer over at SewRetro.  Katherine, the new creative genius behind the community blog that feeds all our sewing addictions, did a short interview on the Willow Homestead.  We chatted about sheep, sewing and vintage lifestyles.  So grab another cup of coffee and stop over for a visit.  On second thought, you may need two cups of coffee as I got pretty chatty (that happens with stay-at-home moms, ya know).


  1. I'm gonna go over there and read it. The chatty gets worse - I talk to the animals and my kids are grown (I'm still at home). I hope I don't become the "crazy cat lady." Now I uderstand whay she talked to her cats..;) Blessings from Ringle

  2. That was a nice interview! Love both of your favorite pieces you made.

  3. Awesome interview, and love the photos of your outfits! Now I have my "must-learn-to-sew" mantra going round in my head again.... ;)


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