Monday, October 24, 2011

Yes, it's another Sunbeam.

I am both slightly embarrassed and yet giddy about posting this . . . a light pink Sunbeam Mixmaster has recently joined my collection (yes, it's a bondafide collection now).  I couldn't pass up a pink one . . . with a manual . . . and two milkglass bowls.

Details on the acquisition of previous Mixmasters can be found here and here.

Now seriously, this is an obscene number of mixers.  Of course I always grab the same one so why do I need the whole fleet?  I really am missing my countertop work space!

Of course the new pink one has slightly different beaters, slightly different markings on the knob (that gorgeous black bullet on the back of the head) and slightly different sized rings on the bottom of the bowls.  Which means that things do now swap around the way I'd like them too.  The authentic bowls with Sunbeam markings on the bottom do not automatically fit the mixer of my choice (the one with the beater eject).  All I can say is God bless the invention of interchangeable parts!

Speaking of parts, I did find the meat grinder attachment at a rummage this summer, complete in the original box with a greasy slip of taped together instructions (eew!).  I haven't tried it yet, but this paired with my juicer attachment just adds to the insanity of the collection (haven't tried that attachment either).  Last weekend I bravely walked past a Sunbeam at the thrift store (only one clear bowl and it looked pretty abused) only to have my husband gawk in disbelief.  "We could use it for parts!" was his reply.  So you see what I'm up against!

I'm determined to make some hard decisions.  Time to buckle down, pick one mixer, fit two (maybe three) bowls and let the rest go.  Of course it goes without saying that I'll be keeping both manuals, the juicer and meat grinder (I'm not so crazy as to let those go!).  And when I say "let the rest go," that really means stuff one or two under the counter for parts.  After all, the hubby said so.  :)


  1. Oh my, your husband sounds like my husband. You never know when you might need a part! He grew up on a farm.

    I like the meat grinder part. My mother used to make pasties and would grind the meat with a grinder that she turned by hand. Attached to the mix master sounds great.

  2. Wow, you collect mixers like I collect sewing machines. We had my mom's old Sunbeam mixer from the 60s (??) for years, and even one that was a hand held model although I don't know what brand that was.

  3. My family thinks I'm silly, but I have 2 Sunbeams (one that I use), a Hamilton Beach and a General Electric, which is very unique. Today I found another Juice bowl and spout and Pyrex milk glass bowl. I'm still looking for the reamer. What else do I need to complete the juicer? No one seems to know.
    BTW, I have a commercial Kitchen Aid, but it only comes out at Christmas, for making Scotch shortbread. The Sunbeam looks much prettier on my counter.
    Maybe someday I'll come across a pink one!
    Oh, and Kathy, I've also been bit by the sewing machine collector bug.


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