Friday, November 18, 2011

Peepshow's Last Call

This week I took my 1950 Ford out for her last drive of the season.  I had to take just one last ride to town with my girlfriend.  Since I have yet to sew up an interior, it was a very chilly ride.  There is no insulation, no carpeting, no door panels.  We could see our breath throughout the entire trip. 

We went to a local deli that will be closing next week.  Many items on the menu were already sold out and won't be restocked.  We hit some local craft shops that will close their doors after the Thanksgiving rush.  With the lack of people on the sidewalks and emptier-than-usual parking lots, it was obvious that this small town was buckling down for the winter.

And so it goes on the Homestead, too.  My husband will clear a space and snuggle Peepshow into the barn.  There she'll spend the next six months, gas tank stabilized, car cover cinched down, sleeping alongside the boat and camper.  I have the chicken coop shoveled out and filled with fresh sawdust.  The sheep pen is cleaned and laid with new straw.  The garden is barren.  The basement storm doors latched.  Winter will be soon upon us, and I will be found, book in hand, sitting by the woodstove.


  1. We're still having some warm sunny days...but are getting ready like you for our cold winter months. In fact...we've actually had a fire going in the wood stove this week...keeping the chill out.
    Your story makes me want to snuggle down and hibernate and not come out until the spring thaw!

    have a great weekend! Pat

  2. You are steps ahead of me...I still have to do the chicken coop (get rid of a few roosters) and clean out a spot for our trailers (horse and enclosed business one) in "my" pole building. I would rather just let them sit outside as I have been diggin in there all summer and it is a spread out mess. I plan on working on that this weekend. Anyone by you deer hunting?


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