Monday, November 7, 2011

Apron Challenge: November

Thank you to everyone one who's been following my apron challenge.  We're only in Month Two and already there have been some cute creations posted in the photobucket album.  BraverJill and Wild Kat are on a roll!  It's not too late for you to jump in!.  We all know that entertaining during the holidays is much more fun in a cute, new apron (less the bbq stains and bacon fat splatter). 

For November, I immediately thought wool.  My cotton summer dresses have been regulated to the back of the closet and my wool pants and sweaters are finding their place at the front.  Plus I have this thing for know, sheep and all that.  After doing some digging, I found that I actually have more wool yardage than cotton!  Looks like my winter projects are mounting fast!  But I did come across a small(-ish) shoebox full of wool suitings.  These were mostly salesman samples and cuttings from men's suits and trousers that I'd collected.  Lightweight enough for an apron, but still meeting the wool criteria.

I cut out five panels measuring approximately 20" long (from top edge to bottom point) and 5" across the top edge.  I used my 12" square ruler to size the bottom point and cut it all with my rotary cutter.  After I had cut out one panel and was happy with its size, I used it as the pattern for the others. 

I hemmed all the outer edges and top-stitched the seams between each panel in order to make it lay a bit flatter.  I had a selection of pinked 4" squares (more salesman samples) that I used to contrast against the panels.

Then I dug in my button collection and found five large vintage buttons.  I apologize that my close-up photos aren't the best, but trust me, these are pretty neat buttons.  I had thought that I'd use them on a jacket (wool, of course), but this seemed a better, more immediate use for them.

So time to swap out my Halloween apron and start wearing this one.  For Thanksgiving this year, Hank and I have decided to be totally selfish, stay home with just our children, fix my first-ever turkey dinner in all the thirteen years we've been married (sad, isn't it?) and enjoy the holiday.  No running from one set of in-laws to the other, trying to make everyone happy.  This year is about our family, warm and cosy in our home.  Now I guess I should consult Betty Crocker on how to cook a turkey...


  1. The secret to turkey success--a digital probe thermometer and a brown-in bag. moist, juicy, yummy turkey every time!

  2. OK... I'm totally stealing your pattern for my daughter's 4-H sewing project! Too cute!

  3. Masculine styling but still feminine, it turned out great! As for Thanksgiving dinner- do as much prep as you can ahead so you can actually have time to spend with your family on Turkey day. You'd be amazed how you can really do ahead, set the table(night before), peel potatoes and put them in water(day ahead), blanch green beans for green bean casserole, etc. Have fun!

  4. The apron is adorable! I'd wear it everyday. :-)

  5. Well, the Mister has agreed to do the turkey (on the grill) so I get to have fun with the sides! Can't wait to try out some new recipes.

    Mrs. Florence - have at the pattern! It went together fast, and I definitely plan to do more in this style.


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