Thursday, March 1, 2012

Solid Gold Skirt

Originally sold by DearGoldenVintage
So after seeing this 1950s circle skirt on etsy a few months ago, I knew that I had to make one.  Now understand, I don't own any metallic, glittered, sparkly clothes.  I rarely even feel brave enough to wear my rhinestone jewelry.  So this type of skirt was sort of a stretch for me, but for some reason it felt necessary.  

So it was off to the local mercantile for two and a half yards of polyester satin.  At only $7 per yard, I felt I could afford this project even if I only wore it a handful of times.  Oh, I had dreams of wearing it for New Year's, but as usual, we didn't go out.  So it is just now that I have finished it.  I used my old stand-by skirt pattern, Hollywood 1898, eliminated the front and back seams and put in a side zip.

Gotta say, I'm happy with the results! 

About the same time this project was taking hold in my head, I came upon a fantastic after-Christmas sale at Lands' End.  I purchased this cotton/cashmere cardigan for a song!  I couldn't believe my luck.  Gold sequins!  I swapped the flat shell buttons for blue shank buttons to bring out the peacock coloring.

I heard an fashion 'expert' say that you should never use those pearl shank buttons on things because they make it look 'old.'  Perfect!  I've really been on a peacock kick lately.  I'm just finishing up a clutch purse that I bought off etsy.  It's ivory silk with embroidered peacock feathers.  So lux!  I'll post when it's done.  And I have an old black felt hat that is in need of a refurbish job.  A few feathers are in order, I think, of the peacock variety.  Now I'm not saying that I'll be wearing this all together in one outfit, but the mix and match possibilities here are endless!
 This skirt paired with the all powerful crinoline... the reason I love the 1950s!

But before I let this fancy frou-frou dress-up time go to my head, I should to get back to my chores.  That truck won't modify itself afterall! 


  1. I am going to be giggling all day over that last pic!

    Seriously though, that skirt is a beauty. So is that sweater! A match made in heaven I say.

    ♥ Rebecca Jean
    Midnight Maniac

  2. Love the last picture. The outfit looks great. I really like the sweater. I love that color.

  3. I just found your blog. Can't wait to explore it further. Your photo shoot with the sawzall is hysterical!

  4. Love the skirt! And the sweater is gorgeous :)

  5. How fun the skirt is and so are you! I need to check out some of your other posts!

  6. I love the skirt and the sweater. Wow. You really did a great job on that skirt.

  7. Kudos to you working with that slippery satin stuff. It's such a pain to sew. Love it!!


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