Friday, February 24, 2012

Gingham Blouse Make-Over

Okay, so I am that obnoxious shopper who flips through the racks saying, "I can make that.  I can make that.  I made that last summer.  They want what for that?!  So making that when I get home."  But sometimes I have to take off my sewing hat and really crunch the numbers.

[Cost of fabric + notions + pattern + labor = how bad do I really want it] 

Most of the time, some (if not all) of my supplies are thrifted, but labor equals time, and that's a big factor to consider when I have sheep staring in the window of the sewing room, waiting to be fed.  So this is one project where I decided to buy off the rack and make it over.

Purchased ~ 100% cotton camp shirt, $7.60

* Funny side note: When I was growing, up my mother sewed a million shirts in this style and lived in them all summer.  I laugh nervously when I see how much I look like her in this photo!  Must remember to lay off the cheesecake...

Altered ~ Added front and back darts, shortened the sleeve, 
replaced the original buttons with pink

Embroidered ~ Added a monogram from my vintage iron-on transfers

Sorry for the washed out pic!
And now, without having spent hours cutting, sewing and fitting, I have a the perfect blouse to coordinate with my summer skirts.  This project was worth swallowing my 'seamstress pride' and buying off the rack.  And pieces like these haven't changed much over the decades.  If you have the eye, it's easy to spot blouses, cardigans and skirts that will blend into your vintage wardrobe with just a detail adjustment here or there.  And I'm really digging on that monogram so I may have to break out the embroidery hoop a bit more this season!

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  1. This shirt and these photos are a great example of what classic clothing can do for a woman's figure...Because looking at the first picture I just took your word on the cheesecake!
    But the after picture shows you with your slim waisted self! The one I'm used to seeing here. {wink-wink}

    I like that you made over the shirt, the monogram and the pink buttons are a nice touch-

  2. I sooooo want to monogram all my shirts. Your shirt looks fantastic!

  3. I'm truly in awe of this. At first I thought 'that shirt can NEVER look good' but you have completely proven me wrong!! Well done :)

  4. Ooooh! I love, love, love this! I admire your mind's eye :) I would never have seen the potential for your cute finished top in the starter shirt. If I copy your idea, you'll remember that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?

  5. Adorable! That came out very well. I can see how it would have cost less to buy off the rack--fabric has gotten so expensive. Plus you saved yourself the time of doing all the buttonholes and setting in sleeves.

    Wonderful! Congrats!


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