Monday, April 30, 2012

Goslings and piglets

Just a quick Farm Report this morning before I get back out to the barnyard...

Over the weekend Mother Goose hatched out four of her eggs.  Dot climbed right into the hutch to "assist."  Not quite sure about this behavior, but since she's not acting aggressively towards Mother Goose or the goslings, we left her alone. 

Once those goslings were fully dry and fairly stable, Mother took them for a walk around the pasture.  It seemed Mother's legs were almost as wobbly as her babies from all that sitting.  We make sure to keep corn and water close by the hutch so the family doesn't have to venture too far. 

In fact all of the geese are sticking close together.  Practically overnight our gander, Grimm, has turned into the quintessential hissing, snapping, wings-fully-extended, coming-right-for-ya, barnyard goose of most people's nightmares.  He never bothered me before, but now I keep one eye on him at all times.  I never realized that geese were so inclined to work as such a tight-knit family unit.  I guess it takes a gaggle to raise a child.

In other news, we bought two pigs a couple of weeks ago.  Hank's still working on the official pig pen, so for the time being they're housed in the old corn crib.  No escaping that! 

We had been talking about raising pigs for a while now.  Quite literally pork is the only meat that I ever buy.  We grow our own lamb, chicken and beef.  Hank shoots a deer each fall which we have processed into brats, summer sausage and ring bologna.  That primordial need for bacon was the only reason I ever slowed my shopping cart through the meat isle.  These two little guys should ensure that I never have to watch for the 4-Day Meat Sale advertisements ever again!  Although I do like a good liversausage now and then.  Does anyone have a good recipe?


  1. Glad she hatched them - good that Dot is being nice and helping. Corn crib for pigs - good idea. Yes, they can be escape artists. We never had any really get out, but they love to root under the panels and lift them up with their snouts. We always make sure it is "nicer" on the inside than out - shade, plenty of water, a mud hole, DRY food and snacks. Good luck!

  2. How wonderful on the goslings! Too fun!

    We have a broody hen right now, so we picked out some eggs for her to sit on hoping to expand the egg flock a bit. I just find any kind of bird baby to be miraculous! All that sitting and avoiding predators, and then the delicate little things fighting their way out of the eggs... Just wow!

  3. I laughed out loud with your goose tales. Congratulations on all your new additions. They are adorable.

  4. Awww-- such cute little piggies and i love the pictures of the Goslings.

  5. For the past year I have tried to get my husband to let me have pigs No luck. Maybe if I have him read your post on the cute piggies he will change his mind.

  6. Our American Buff goose hatched one gosling, whose egg was laid before the rest, so after he hatched, his mom continued to sit on the other eggs. But instead of being stuck under her until his siblings were fully marinated, the other goose and two ganders took him "under their wings" literally and figuratively. They ALL act like he's their own, the dynamic between them is really incredible isn't it?


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