Monday, May 7, 2012

Weekend Update

Lambing has begun!  Our first lamb was born Friday evening.  Smudge, the mother, did beautifully for her first time.  She had a nice, big ram lamb with eye patches.  He's not even 48 hours old, and already he's sproinging around the pen!  Unfortunately we had rain all weekend (and most of last week) so the pasture is quite waterlogged.  As soon as the sun reappears, I'll let Smudge and her lamb out.

Once we got the excitement in the barn settled down, we ran between the raindrops to church for our daughter's First Communion.  This is a photo of my mother, myself and my daughter.  She was just the right size to wear my First Communion dress that my mother made for me *cough* many years ago.  For you sewers out there, it is Swiss Dot layered over cotton, if that gives you an idea of the vintage.  Her crown is my mother's wedding crown.  Both my sister and I wore it for our First Communions, and I wore it for my wedding.  The veil has been redone for each occasion, longer for the brides and shorter for the little girls.  I'm so glad that my mother believes in family heirlooms.  We have several pieces (clothing, jewelry, furniture) that have been passed down over the years.  I love the sense of tradition and the feeling of being connected through the generations.

I hope you all had wonderful weekends.  I'm headed back out to the barn.  Two more mothers to lamb yet!


  1. Your pictures are wonderful! Your daughter looked lovely.

    The little ram is very cute, too. They really do sproing, don't they? There really isn't another word for that leaping that they do. Full of vigor, those little ones!

  2. I love lambing season. Especially with shetland sheep, cause you never know what colors your gonna get.
    Beautiful picture of your mother, daughter and yourself. I look forward to my youngest receiving her first communion. It is such holy occasion. still 2 years away but I'm sure it will be here before I know it

  3. Your daughter look really cute. I agree about heirlooms. I have several that I can't wait to pass down to my grand kids.

  4. Gorgeous photo of you, your mother, and your daughter. What a special moment for you all.


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