Thursday, May 24, 2012

Peepshow: A little sewing project

My 1950 Ford Shoebox, that I have christened Peepshow, is back on the road after a long winter of sleeping in the barn.  Back in March when we had a crazy week of 80 degree weather, Hank and I pulled the car out of our barn storage and brought her around into the garage.  I've taken her to town several times already this year.  Relearned how to drive a 3-speed manual (on the column), snubbed my way thru a few stop signs, gave her a good washing on Mother's Day and overheated at the Citgo in town.  Old cars are an adventure!

But it's time to get serious and start working on her again.  One thing that was painfully obvious was the need to get the sun visors reinstalled.  Driving west at 6pm is a killer!  Now banish from your minds the image of a little me-maw peering through the steering wheel.  I assure you that I can see over the wheel.  A little sewing project was in order.

The original visor was of course crusty and gross.  And since my flocked upholstery is sold out (why did I wait so long to decide?!), I dug out some cotton/poly and grabbed the pinking shears.  A simple sleeve would cover this perfectly as a temporary fix until I find upholstery to do the whole interior.

The fabric is folded alone the bottom edge.  I marked out, cut, repositioned and marked again the sewing lines.  The attention to detail and skilled sewing that went into this project is astounding.

I sewed the curved end and top edge, turned the sleeve right side out, and fitted it on.  

I pinned and hand-stitched the end closed.

Next stop was the trunk of the car where we find the Bucket o'Crap that I collected when I stripped down the interior.  The trunk is full of door panels, weather stripping and general unidentifiable parts that I assume will be needed later.  Is this the right screw to mount the visor?  Now do we have three that match?

After collecting three screws that might have worked, I got up front to find the necessary screws were waiting right where they should have been.  While I don't remember exactly, I suspect I did this under the advice of my well-experienced husband, Hank.  Notice the trim screws are also in the holes where they belong?  

And there you have it.  A new visor that won't rain 60 years of dust into my lap.  Now one thing I've learned about "temporary" fixes like these, is that they seem to stay in place a whole lot longer than originally intended.  So I'll do the other visor to match, and if there's enough I might cover the front seat.  And if you're wondering why the windshield is gray, that's the car cover.  White car + 6 cats + dirt floor = a paw-print dance pattern across my hood and trunk like you've never seen.  It's cumbersome to cover and uncover the car whenever I want to drive it, but Hank's not willing to repaint my car each year.

Now wouldn't it be nice to have carpeting...


  1. Perfect Fix. Pretty too.
    I married into a family auto repair business. I get the car cover thing!

  2. Nice, why pinking sheers just wondering if I should invest in some? Great job! Bo

    1. This project didn't require pinking shears, but since I use them a lot for dressmaking, I automatically grab them first. A pinked edge does not fray as much as a straight cut edge, so they're nice for finishing clothing projects.

  3. omg what great memories that brings back...I learned to drive with a shift on the column...right until the shifter came off in my hand LoL - lovely restoration in progress!


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